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Hi - are there any updates on the progress or timelines for the non-flash player? Thanks!

We've made good progress and we expect to be going into an early beta testing phase in the next few weeks. If all goes well with that, we expect to launch the new player and web site in spring 2018. As soon as we have more specific information, we will update the blog with all the details and a more accurate schedule.

Thanks for your patience! Nobody wants this to happen more than we do;-))

:: SHk

Sounds GREAT! Will I be able to use iHeart or Tunein so I can stream with Amazon Alexa?


Echoing Ed's question: HoS can be used with Alexa and Sonos, but there is a very small list of options. I would love to say, "Alexa, play program 504 from Hearts of Space". Any possibility of this?

Mark—a more full featured Alexa and Sonos integration is definitely possible and on our “roadmap”’— as soon as we get Version 4 launched.

:: SH

You can count me in for the beta, and that includes Sonos and Alexa when you’re ready. Really looking forward to a Sonos enhancement since that is how I listen most.

ASAP, Greg. We’re seeing good progress now after some slow issues.
:: SH

Exciting stuff Stephen! Looking forward to all of the developments and improvements. From climbing up a ladder in windstorms to try and point my FM antenna towards a listenable signal to today's hi-fidelity computer streaming, the technology sure has come light years forward! Thank you and your team for all of your hard work and dedication.

Thanks Tom. We are definitely excited about the new setup and trying to be patient while we get it perfect!
:: SH

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