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Hi - are there any updates on the progress or timelines for the non-flash player? Thanks!

We've made good progress and we expect to be going into an early beta testing phase in the next few weeks. If all goes well with that, we expect to launch the new player and web site in spring 2018. As soon as we have more specific information, we will update the blog with all the details and a more accurate schedule.

Thanks for your patience! Nobody wants this to happen more than we do;-))

:: SHk

Sounds GREAT! Will I be able to use iHeart or Tunein so I can stream with Amazon Alexa?


Echoing Ed's question: HoS can be used with Alexa and Sonos, but there is a very small list of options. I would love to say, "Alexa, play program 504 from Hearts of Space". Any possibility of this?

Mark—a more full featured Alexa and Sonos integration is definitely possible and on our “roadmap”’— as soon as we get Version 4 launched.

:: SH

You can count me in for the beta, and that includes Sonos and Alexa when you’re ready. Really looking forward to a Sonos enhancement since that is how I listen most.

ASAP, Greg. We’re seeing good progress now after some slow issues.
:: SH

Exciting stuff Stephen! Looking forward to all of the developments and improvements. From climbing up a ladder in windstorms to try and point my FM antenna towards a listenable signal to today's hi-fidelity computer streaming, the technology sure has come light years forward! Thank you and your team for all of your hard work and dedication.

Thanks Tom. We are definitely excited about the new setup and trying to be patient while we get it perfect!
:: SH

Is there any news or update on this for us? It's been about a year since Stephen's last response in the comments.

I am particularly concerned about the web interface. I use the web player several times a week. But I don't see any updates or even a web site design refresh yet. Adobe ends Flash support in 2020 and we probably only have a year left until the music becomes unplayable, as I think by that time the browsers will stop supporting it as well.

Perhaps a new news post is needed to give us an update on all of this.

Thanks for asking about this, John. I have been remiss in keeping our listeners informed about what was happening with our update project, and I apologize for that.

The fact is that we’ve been working on it continuously for almost three years. Why so long? As we’ve discovered, software projects are inherently complex, and some (like ours) have a way of expanding in scope as you work on them. What started as a simple update to the player technology in the wake of Flash sunsetting turned into a from-the-ground-up rebuild of our website, our mobile apps, *and* the entire backend server and software infrastructure that they run on—a massive undertaking.

The good news is that the end is now in sight and we expect to launch the beta testing phase of the new set up within the next month. It will start with the website. We have already tested an alpha version with a new HTML5 player that feels like a sports car compared to ye olde Flash warhorse. The rest of the website is in the final stages of quality-control testing right now. So as a web application user you won’t have long to wait for the upgrade.

The next step will be a complete upgrade to the iOS app. Unlike the current generation mobile apps, it will have the full feature set of the website, a new native iOS player, and a much improved user interface. Once the iOS app is launched ( I can’t give you a time for this at the moment) we will introduce an interim upgrade for our Android users, so they don’t have to wait too long for a duplicate version of the iOS app. All of this will be running on the new backend server infrastructure on the Amazon cloud.

The main reason for the lack of information about the project has been the difficulty in setting accurate delivery dates and creating false expectations. As we have reliable information about the next steps, I will be posting all the details here. Thank you for your patience!


No love for Android? Strange...

Any chance of fixing the Android app? It won't start on Pixel 2 with either Android 9 or 10. Despite my primary intention being to listen on my phone, I subbed before I actually tried the app on my phone (figured if it was going to work on anything, it would be straight Android on a Pixel).

Chris, I’ve forwarded your comment to our help email address for response.

Hello, Stephen Hill :)
Long time fan here... just dropping in to say hello... and let you know that I am STILL listening to your wonderful weekly Hearts of Space programs on my Windows PC. :) I never did have an iPhone, so I've always listened on my PC.
I heard the 1219 program this morning, "Beyond the Cool". It was wonderful. I have to catch up ... there are a few programs I missed lately (forgot to "tune in". But I'll do that today. I hope you are having a good summer! Best regards... Bonnie

Thank you Bonnie! We’re almost finished testing a brand new web site that we’ve been working on for a long time. I think you’ll be pleased.
:: SH

Any updates on new website? New ios app? How about sonos integration improvements? I would dearly love to pick from my favorited shows in sonos interface.

Thanks for asking, Shane. We’re almost ready to start beta testing an all-new website. As soon as it launches we move into beta on an all-new iOS app. After that’s launched, a new native Android app is next, and then FINALLY we will work on a new app for Sonos.

Trust me—we hate that this is taking so long, but I think you’ll be very pleased with the results.
:: SH

Thats great news SH. Look forward to the new stuff. If you need beta testers or any kind of technical assistance let me know. I am a developer so my use cases are complex :}. I understand these things can take much longer than you expect.

Passing your email address on for our crack squad of beta testers.
:: SH

Kinda the definition of Vaporware.

@TimothyReaves—We are sorry this has taken so long, but we are just finishing beta testing and now have a hard release date of December 1. We want this out more than anyone!

The beta test looked great. Can't wait.

As of today, 3 Dec 2019, I am listening to the new HOS web stream on my laptop and I am anxiously awaiting release of the V4 iPhone app. Like my buddy in the South would say, y'all do good work1

Stephen-Great show (PGM 1234 Immersive Carols). Beautiful and moving. Truly the best thing I've heard this Christmas season. Sound (wow!) and navigation in the new Version 4 a vast improvement. Streaming via Win 8.1 and Pale Moon browser. Thank you!

Thank you Tom!

I sure hope that the new iOS app will support Apple's Airplay 2. I can't believe I can't stream to my Airplay stereo speakers (HomePod, in my case, but there are non-Apple brands) with the HOS app when I can do it with Pandora, my local public radio station App, and so many others. I will keep my fingers crossed!

Thanks for a great show. I have listened since the early 90's.

Best regards,

Thanks for asking, David. The new iOS app will most definitely support Airplay 2. Can't happen fast enough for either of us...

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