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I just bought a Ford Escape that has Sirius built into the radio. I get 6 months free before I have to subscribe, imagine my disappointment when I found out that HOS was no longer available with their service. I can't imagine this will continue to be the case indefinitely... Sirius / Ford - get with the program, or I have a useless button on my dashboard!

ya glade i found out i was looking for u on the sirius. summer promo coulnd not find where u were. just will SKIP SIRIUS!!!

I share your loss by having a service in your new car that is missing HOS. Now imagine 2002 when we paid $400 plus to have a receiver put in our cars. Worked well coast to coast for years. Talking to Sirius is less fulfilling than talking to my pet rock. It's a numbers game and you don't count. Me neither. It will get better, but not soon and never permanently. Maybe WiMax.

Maybe FOX will buy Sirius/XM and totally turn it to crap. I wouldn't listen to Howard Stern if my life depended on it. He's the poster boy for what's going wrong with the U.S.

Thanks for the info, especially the $ amounts which add important perspective on how truly devalued variety and quality are; I've been wondering for years what the story was.

My blog is not work safe/my boobs and stuff on it SO DON'T CLICK ON THE LINKS IF BOOBS OFFEND YOU, but here are a couple of posts I wrote about it (I'm sorry I can't help making fun of your HOS acronym, but other than that I think they're good testimonials):

How our hearts (including our dog's) broke when they killed Audio Visions:

Upon subscribing yesterday:

The real reason is that they just don't care about small audiences for niche music genres.

My subscription just ran out and I don't think I'm going to renew. It just seems like too much money for the service. If the payment was about a third it would be worth it.

So that's what happened to you on Sirius! My wife and I discovered HOS years ago on XM Audio Visions, it WAS a wonderful channel.

So glad you have the app now. :-)

BTW Steven, I think you have the most pleasant voice I have ever heard on radio. (I was a DJ for over 17 years)


PS: Steven, I think that you have the most ple


Another past event regarding pulling music away from a small audience is Echoes which is funded by Public Broadcasting, NPR. Now, NPR gets plenty of funding so pulling the stations out of the southern california area is BS.

Sorry, Chris, but you are conflating several unrelated events and inaccurate information in this comment.

Our colleages at ECHOES are not "funded by NPR." They support themselves from several sources, including grants, station fees from syndication, and direct fees from users for their web service and other saleable products like their series of live recording CDs. Like HOS, Echoes is *carried* by public radio stations and *distributed* to them via the NPR satellite system, for which we both pay substantial distribution fees.

NPR (the network) receives some public funding via the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB), but raises the majority of its money from its member stations, from underwriting fees, and from foundation grants and its endowment.

The situation in Southern California (KCET pulling out of the PBS public television network and going independent) has nothing to do with any of the above.

As a general comment, we are living through a period of intense, disruptive change in all media, and public media will continue to be affected by it. Whether that turns out to be a good thing for small audiences in the long run remains to be seen, but so far it has helped provide many new options and services. The HOS and ECHOES online services are two examples of this.

:: SH

Wow, that really is terrible. Do you think that there is anyway that you guys could possibly get back on XM again?

Not unless the entire current management is replaced. Even then it would be a longshot.

Frankly, getting HOS online is a much better option: easier, cheaper, and much more comprehensive.

:: SH

I can relate to the XM/Sirrus mess quite well. I too was a subscriber for a few years to XM prior to the merger. I had only a few favorite channels that since were dropped or were severly affected by this. My philosophy is that I can hear the same old repeateable music everyday for free on terestrial radio. Which by the way I tend to listen to very little with the exception of talk radio. I read your interviews about your take on web broadcasting and its future which I am very much in agreement. The nitch audiance is outthere be it small. I am part of it because of my unusual music tastes that I either don't have off terestrial broadcasting or were spoiled into realization at one time from other stations in different markets. Keep up the work Steve. I will be here for as long as I can afford it and have means to the availability of the show. Now, anybody looking for some used sat radio equipment?

Thanks for your comments, Guy, much appreciated. I have some used satellite radio equipment myself;-)

XM was finished because android phone and iphones. Now we have pandora and everyone can get free music just by pluging their iphone into their car aux input.

Posted by: Doug Downs
"get with the program, or I have a useless button on my dashboard!"

;-) I have dozens of useless buttons on my dashboard.

Back in 2001, when XM came out, I was very impressed and excited. Around 2004, I finally had it via DirecTV, and fell in love with Beyond Jazz. I also appreciated the fact that HOS was carried, though I always listened to HOS via radio station KCHO. I no longer have DirecTV, and considered XM until I discovered that Sirius/XM no longer has the material I would be interested in, namely Beyond Jazz. Thankfully Beyond Jazz's Russ Davis now has an Internet stream similar to, at No point supporting soulless corporations, when we can directly support the DJs and artists that we care about! Sirius/XM may very well fade away, not realizing they killed themselves by alienating the very people who would support the concept of niche programming.

I've been listening to HOS since 1988, and appreciated XM's former business model of bringing under-appreciated music to the masses. With Cinemagic also gone, XM is no longer a service that appeals to me. Thank you Steven for continuing to broadcast in the wake of this unfortunate news.

We also mourn the loss of XM under the enlightened leadership of Lee Abrams. We survived for a year or two in the Sirius era but were ultimately dropped along with most of the specialty music programming.

XM exposed the show and the music to many who would not otherwise have found it, and for that we are grateful. But there is no question that we can serve our listeners far better online and in our mobile apps. We can offer access to our entire archive, and we are not subject to the agendas of program directors;-)

:: SH

Is there a way to get the url? I have a BeoSound 5 and I have fou8nd that if I get the url to the B and O people, they can add it to the stations that are available. I miss the program as the public stations is SD have failed to see the beauty of the HOS.
I will thank you now for your attention to my request.
Robert Bogue

This sad and distressing tale ($2,000 vs $500,000,000?????) sometimes makes me think that culture is in the same danger as Earth with climate change. I hope I'm wrong.

Got a Sirius subscription & home radio at least 10 years ago on the assumption that such an enterprise would offer commercial-free 'New Age' material, which they did in the form of the SPA channel.

Among the offerings was something called 'Hearts of Space'. Only a small portion of daily programming was dedicated to HoS but it was clearly something special, above the rest.

It eventually disappeared from SPA. I missed it but never sought to find it anywhere until a year or so ago. And there it was, alive and doing well on its own.

I have since cancelled my 'home' subscription to Sirius/XM, retaining only the subscription to my vehicle's satellite radio.

I'm a Full Service HoS subscriber now because, although there are Internet avenues to commercial-free, fee-free radio, they lack the organization and consistency of, variety in and accessibility to, their material that HoS provides.

I play the material via WiFi throughout my home. When guests comment (and it's always favorable) on the material I happily refer them to

Dear Ron:

We had a good nine-year run on XM before the Sirius barbarians took it over and dropped all the niche music shows. The best part is that we were found by people like you.

Thank you for your very kind comments and your subscription. This is how we continue—direct relationships with our listeners—the way things are supposed to be!

Safe Journey :: SH

I've been a subscriber to Hearts of Space for quite awhile (more than a year, certainly). I've never listened to this lovely weekly program on any other radio stations (don't have a radio...just have a TV), so I was surprised to read about the loss of the program on Sirius/XM Satellite Radio. I'm so pleased that website is still up and running. I really value it, and my subscription.

We dropped our Sirius radio last year, after starting with XM in 2003, losing it, to lesser quality programs and commercials. I have listened to HOS since the 80's on NPR and now Amazon.

I contacted Sirus XM today when Spa was replaced with a rockstar? I informed them that I was going to cancel my subscription if Spa was not replaced. Love HOS. Hope they do the right thing.

Great Post!

HOS iOS app is great. Use it all the time. "in the home and on the go" HOS subscriber for years. SiriusXM is good, too. But HOS is original recipe and tastes better. Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Hill.

I'm so glad that 'Spa' station was put back on XM radio. Now if HOS was available, that would be even greater!!

We’d like that too, Gary, but unless the current management of Sirius XM has a brain transplant, the odds are it’s not going to happen. An even better alternative is our online streaming service at

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