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24 September 2021


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HOW do I listen to HOS?!

Hi Samanth!

You’ve got options for listening to Hearts of Space. Come to our website or download our app from the Apple App Store or Google Play. You can check the PUBLIC RADIO page there to see if there’s a station near you broadcasting our show.

You can also listen online, via our website http://www.hos.com or via our app. You have to SIGN UP for a free account — give us your name, email address, and the password you want to use. Then you’ll be able to play THIS WEEK’s show up to 4 times during the week it’s featured. Programs change and the free allocation resets Friday nights around midnight Pacific Time.

If you subscribe, you can listen to some or even all of the shows we’ve produced since 1983. We depend on individuals like yourself to subscribe to keep going. Subscription fees are as low as we can keep them and still pay our costs to keep producing and delivering shows on air and online. We’re entirely independent — our only consideration is creating the best, most inspiring shows we can using the most skillful music we can find. We don’t sell ads, we don’t solicit donations, we don’t sell our listeners’ data. You may subscribe once or with an auto-renewing plan, cancel or change at any time. We appreciate everyone’s support — from a $3 Intro for 3 Days of Full service, to $10 a month (paid $120 per year) for all the music we’ve got. Check it out at https://www.hos.com.

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