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05 February 2021


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Thanks for giving us Parts One and Two of your David Darling Retrospective. The HoS Retros seem to be the best as “representative” of all the composers’ works.
It was your website’s notice that told me of David’s passing from our sight. I lamented reading that, partly because I enjoy waiting for more of his music, which even now I can do, having many of his CDs, but also because there is most likely no known DD “sheet music” for many of those cello pieces. In his last email Reply, he had not decided on that yet. So I waited. I should inquire at his website now.
Years before that, I met David Darling one time, in Los Angeles. Actually, it was in a thrift store, of all the unlikely places. “Eight String Religion,” is what he said. Or, what the album cover said. “Religion” awash with Church-ianity is not my strong point. So I left it there, pre-judging that work.
But a day or two later I visited this same thrift store, and he was still there. I looked at him on the CD cover for a long while, perceiving him. Then read the selection titles and blurb text. David may not have been there in person, but the text was written so well that for me, in my less than bright moodiness, he may as well have been. A kindred soul, perhaps. His music soon sounded like it.
It was impressive that maybe he was having the same struggles as mine. For years. Both of us, separated by a CD album. So I bought it. When I listened to his music, it “resonated,” it got a response. Here was music I could listen to and relate to. It was a comfort.
It may be “dark,” but that’s what fit my dark moments then, and his subsequent albums have only improved on their comfort. I wonder how many other similarly ‘challenged’ listeners feel the same. Goodbye David. I wish we had met in-person.
So yes, thanks for your HoS David Darling retros.

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