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15 January 2021


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Saturday January 16th'21. Here we find another happy tidbit exemplar of Stephen's eclectic sense of humor, if not also, music. I don't have much of an "ear" for harmony or in-tune & on-time, so the horns will go on un-critique'd. My first experience at that S.H. sense was with drawling litt'l Stevie Hill, in "Slim Westerns 496," and another Prog-Name now unremembered. Thus, I speak from some experience. I just now clicked on Toggle-Repeat for more Fog Horns. Might go on for hours at that rate. While it's a heavy overcast here in central Iowa, I'm not going out anywhere, but it helps to know if I did: when lit, "red on right, returning". And maybe: Horn on left (oops, port), returning? (I should make more comments like this occasionally.)

Actually, it was "... litt'l Stevie Ray Hill,..." as I suddenly reappear amid the thick fog of mind like a pulsar star, to edit myself in this post-illucidated moment. (I had a hunch I'd be back. And I don't terminate anything; can termin what ain't been had.)

I grew up with a view over the Bay to SF and foghorns were a common thing for me in the late 50s and the 60sl Hearing this gives me childhood memories of late, cold nights and wonder at the creatures of imagination.

There's an old Science Fiction story about an ancient deep sea monster that is awakened by a foghorn, and when it finds out it is a machine and not a mate, destroys the lighthouse.

There was a distinctive solo deep foghorn recording that was the iconic ID sound for KFOG when it was a big band radio station station in Ghirardelli Square. BEEE-ooooh.

I can find the story online but that foghorn has been elusive. Maybe the sea mnster got it.

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