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02 January 2021


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I've been enjoying Hearts of Space since the late 70's when the KPFA radio show version known as "Music from the Hearts of Space" became the epicenter of my musical experience.

Over the past 40+ years, Hearts of Space has provided me the highest-quality broadcasts possible despite many technological complications. Ultimately it is the quality of the curation, the depth of the source content and the ongoing celebration of this remarkable genre of music that defines HOS as a great treasure that continues to satisfy and heal.

Thank you for your efforts to share these wonderful works with us. Blessings and deep gratitude. - Jack Aldrich

And here we thought all you did was throw a record on a turntable and record it...!

This was interesting to read for the technical steps. I'm sure there's even more work that goes into it. "CD quality" has always been good enough for me. I think to get the higher res quality, you also need to have better speakers/headphones. Most of the time I'm playing it on my iPhone speaker and any hi-res stream would be lost on me. Thanks for a look into the technical window of creating the program.

Given how much our hearing degrades as we age, there's not much benefit and if the music is created with synthesizers, vs. a physical 'analog' instrument, what should it really sound like? NPR has a test you can take to see if you can distinguish bitrates (www.npr.org/sections/therecord/2015/06/02/411473508/how-well-can-you-hear-audio-quality).

Pack rat that I am...I found a box with the MftHoS Program Playlist- Summer 1985 and all of the Program Play Lists (mid 1980 onward) and Catalogs that I sent my "self addressed stamped envelope" and $1 away for. The first program we heard was 101 Zithers. Good times, great music. Thanks for all the bliss.

I've been listening since nearly the beginning, in New York, Chicago, San Francisco, and now in London. I appreciate the fact that you have actually thought about this question, considered the best course of action, and can explain it in terms that this music lover but audio noob can understand.

I should guess that within a few years the high quality streams will become commonplace, but until then I'm happy with the quality of the music on HoS, and that includes not only the audio quality but also the quality of the selections you stream. Thanks for giving me so much pleasre over the past 40 years or so.

Thank you for the technical explanation. I have been listening to HOS since I was a boy starting in the late 1980's through KUHF in Houston, Texas.

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