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01 December 2019


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Exciting news! I look forward to the new interface!

Congratulations on version 4, a real improvement, and it's so fast to load! Plus no pesky Flash downloads!

The speed is courtesy of Amazon Web Services (AWS). The player is HTML5—not only faster, but more compatible with most browsers.
:: SH

Wow! 3 comments?! For an upgrade of this magnitude?! This is a sea change, and fantastic! Well done, HOS!! THANK you! Great job, and thanks again! Love it all over.

So wonderful to finally see the new HTML app! Is there a new iOS app available yet? I'm not seeing it right now in the app store.

Thank you, Brian!

When we started the project over 4 years ago, replacing Flash was the initial goal. But we soon realized that we really needed to replace *everything*—the website, the mobile apps, and the entire "back end." It was a huge undertaking and more than we bargained for, but now that it's done (except for bugs and a number of refinements and additions, plus finishing the V4 mobile apps) we're really glad we stuck it out.

Safe journey :: SH

Thanks, Joseph. There will be all-new native iOS and Android apps coming ASAP. We actually did most of the design UI logic for the mobile apps before the desktop version, so it's just a matter of finishing them and testing. The good news is that they will have *all* the features of the desktop app.
:: SH

Thanks so much for the upgrades, which makes it easier for me to listen... and easier for me to promote your work to friends!

Thank you Justin! It took a long time—thanks for your patience.

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