12 December 2014


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Saturday, Dec. 13th. Now, this is amusing, if not also a commentary on social behavior. One time, years ago, my only means of transportation was the transit bus which required a lot of walking, and swiftly. Chasing after that goliath kept me somewhat slender. During one of the Christmas holidays, I had found an empty shoe box at a bus stop. Someone couldn't wait. So I decided to carry it around with me, tucked under my arm, and see what would happen. People seeing me with that shoe box would brighten up their face in happiness, believing apparently it was a new purchase for someone for Christmas. And they would also see me looking back at them, with a small smile on my face, as if: Yes, it's a gift. They had no idea of this little leg-pulling joke. Later, in June, or July, that little (empty) shoe box trick got no response at all. They ignored me. Frowns, at best. Hmmm.

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