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17 December 2013


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Hi there, and Happy New Year! I am a satisfied subscriber to Hearts of Space. But sadly, I am VERY disappointed with the mobile app for iPad. It just doesn't work - crashes within 6 minutes every single time I try to use it. I'll just keep using my computer to access your wonderful site, and hope that there will be some improvements made to the mobile app in the new year.


Jan Kempe

Jan, we found a bug that had to be fixed, so release of the new version was delayed. We'll announce it here as soon as it's in the app stores.
:: SH

Thanks so much for responding! There's no other collection of music that begins to compare to HoS. As a confirmed addict, I found a workaround that seems to do the trick for the time being: I just downloaded an app that runs a "virtual" browser on the iPad. If any other listeners are interested, there are several free ones available.

This is a good news for users that Android users will use all the features of HOS mobile apps. iPhone users still waiting for superior app performance.

Any update on the App updates for iOS, iPhone and iPad? Thanks.

Good timing, Mark! The updated apps were submitted to the App stores yesterday. The Android app should be available today or tomorrow. Apple takes a little longer due to the approval process but should be available later this week. We'll announce it here when both are ready.
:: SH

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