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04 January 2013


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I am super excited to hear the show. I have posted a link to it on my FB page and hope that some of my friends and students will check it out. I have been listening to your show for over 20 years and I want to thank you for all it continues to do for my spirit, mind, and ability to slow down in these fast times. Bless you for what you have kept alive and continue to do.

Lansing, Michigan

Heart felt congrats!!!
It's been a long strange trip since the early 80's when I first listened to you on late night Sunday evenings on the analog FM dial. Long story, but Hearts of Space literally saved my life, soo, I am greatly in your debt on the cosmic scales thingy.
You folks do the right thing, that's all that counts.
Live long and prosper, something which you have quite obviously done. Bravo!

Thank you Lothar and Pete!

Just want to leave a note of thanks for the consistent dedication. My guess is that I found HOS on the local KPFA dial in the mid-80's and have listened on and off over the years, and it's like coming back to an old friend when I do. I now live down the street from the station, so listening to tonight's milestone show with your commentary is a profound reunion. Look forward to next week.

Hills et. al.

BRAVO and sincere congratulations!! We too remember our 11pm Sunday night dates w/HOS (and each other) way back in the 80s! (Jennifer was skeptical of you...and me, at first, but quickly grew to love us both!-Greg)

Thank you for your dedication and devotion to this music and your fans! You have indeed created a marvelous and wonderful thing.

Jennifer and Greg

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