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02 March 2012


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My most-used app just got better!
Thank you for adding the ability to listen to my personal playlists!
The sleep timer is also great!
Safe journeys...

My android using feelings aren't hurt. Given that your FLASH-based traditional site navigates and streams flawlessly in my Android 2.3 browser, we can let the iPhone owners go first ;-)

Thanks, J.T. That's very reassuring, and a good reminder for Android tablet owners! :: SH

Even more reasons to love HOS!

As a longtime listener I waiting or HOS to
be available on my IPAD.

Pat, the current version of our iOS app is formatted for the iPhone screen size, but runs just fine on the iPad, and looks reasonable in the "2x" display mode. Just search for "Hearts of Space" in the App Store.

The next version of the app will be formatted for the iPhone *and* the iPad, and will offer the same features as our full web application.

My android app crashes 20 minutes into listening on the HOS weekly program and its keeps bringing up "HOS is having trouble establishing a connection".

I agree it's not so practical for android updates, even though I am an android user. I tried on my ver.2.2.3 Froyo based phone, and it's a no go. Adobe has discontinued Flash support. As a very long term Apple supporter in the pro media realm - I truly do not support iPhones, or iPads for a number of reasons. So I'm out on this one for now.

But I'd love to see a mobile website option that maybe doesn't require Flash!

As an Android user, just wanted to say thanks for trying and not forgetting us! The current Android app works just fine in my opinion, and although I miss having easy access to playlists and favorites, as J.T. said above HoS streams perfectly well on my phone's browser, and I'm content to navigate to the website if the current week's show or archive options in the app don't catch my fancy. Thanks for continuing to be the best show on the radio and web!

Thanks for the spacious understanding, Rebecca. We just found out that the newest Firefox mobile browser for Android supports Flash and therefore allows full access to our web application! Download the free app from Google Play, sign in and give it a try. On an Android tablet it's just like having a full-featured app:-)

Been a HOS listener for over 12 years.
I have a Internet connected DVD player ( Sony). Easy to get "channels" like Pandora, Netflix and dozens of other media sources. Since this is the only direct internet path to my best stereo equipment it would be great to be able to stream HOS. The Sony DVD player has a simple "browser" but I cannot stream HOS from it.

I have no idea what " operating system" or firmware Sony uses in their internet ready DVD players

Is there something I can do to get HOS to stream through my internet DVD player ?

Ron, we'd like nothing better than for HoS to be available on all digital home entertainment devices, but realistically there are limits on what we can do. Companies like Pandora and Netflix are thousands of times bigger than HoS and have large teams of people working on connecting their services to various hardware manufacturers. We have one part-time programmer and expansion projects have to compete for funding with maintenance and upgrades to our existing services.

We approach this problem and make choices based on input from our subscribers, as well as the cost and difficulty of the project. So we will be announcing HoS on the SONOS platform in September. We expect to integrate with the Roku and Logitech systems after that.

At the same time we are researching more "global" solutions that will connect smart phones and tablets to TVs and home stereos. We can't promise support for individual devices like your Sony DVD, but one of these broader solutions should work for you with the addition of some affordable new connection hardware.

For more information on connecting your computer to your home entertainment systems please see our PDF on the subject:


Do you have even a rough/broad idea when you might be integrated into Logitech and Roku?

Jerry, all I can tell you is that both those devices are high on our development roadmap. It should be comforting that we've completed work on the SONOS integration this month as announced and the service on Sonos players is currently being tested by users.

Our next project is Version 3 of the iPhone app, which will offer full archive access and as many of the features of our web application as we can accomplish.

Stephen, I've been using the iPhone APP since day 1 and completely love it, in fact it probably accounts for 90% of my HOS listening even when I'm at home! I fall asleep every night to your programs and really enjoy the service. I'm looking forward to being able to view the archive on the phone so I can expand the shows I listen to beyond what gets rotated into the app (which btw, does it seem the same shows always pop up in the app?). I figure feature requests are the last thing you need but being able to add programs to a playlist may act as a stop gap to being able to display or play the entire archive in one list/screen, at least it would for me.

Also, again, I completely understand your small development team (person) but is there any chance it'll go universal for iPad/iPhone? It looks decent on the new iPad and pretty good on the iPhone 5 but even if just the UI buttons and such were updated for higher res it would make a huge difference!

Also, maybe not a perfect solution to everyone, but with AirPlay you may be able to enjoy HOS on a home media system using the iPhone/iPad as a bridge between the service and device.

Thanks again for the wonderful music, I honestly can't picture going a day without it!

It's quite an experience to think back to the times when I heard these shows originally on Public Radio. I had thought that I would never hear some of these programs ever again. After your program was dropped by KRCC here in Colorado Springs, I had to go to the parking lot of the local public library in the north end of town, which was situated such that the KRCC signal was blocked by a large hill.

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