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07 December 2011


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Nice new features!

I would love to see a dedicated "Guitar" channel for the acoustic, slide, and space/prog/post-rock guitar shows, as well as a "Jazz" channel. Those two represent distinct listening experiences I like to pursue.

Understandably, you have to draw the line somewhere if there are limited channel slots available. Just something to keep in mind if you are ever able to expand the selections, or happen to decide any of the existing categories are a bit nebulous, or could stand to be consolidated.

Thank you for your continuing contributions to my weekly sanity!

Thanks for these suggestions, Scott. Our back end system allows us to create any number of channels, but we wanted to start with something manageable. The real problem with finer-grained channels is not having enough shows to avoid frequent repeats.

In the meantime, I suggest you create personal playlists of selected shows and then just run the playlists as if they were channels. You can randomize the order of any playlist (another new feature) with the SHUFFLE command in the MY PLAYLISTS tab.

:: SH

I need help to subscribe. I want the radio channel(s). Also need to know and understand how to access the programming. I am a 'mature' person who did grow up with all these popular devices. I do have a new MacBook Pro, though, and if you guys can guide me through the how-to, I'd love to subscribe to a modestly priced 24/7 service.


Bev in Olympia, WA

HOS V2...One word...


Love the new channels. Especially the Ambient/Downtempo. The best part is that the channel cycles thru shows that I wouldn't find otherwise. it's like listening to a new show almost every couple of hours.

Also, the playlist shuffle feature is great. I have been wanting something like this for some time and just didn't know it.

Can't wait for HOS V2 to hit my Android!


Thanks, JR. We have more good stuff coming...just a matter of time;-)

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