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30 December 2011


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There is a glitch at the *very* end of episode 967. The voice track has no voiceover, and the voiceless track *does* have the voiceover.

An incredibly beautiful program, like so many from HOS. I've been a faithful listener since the 1980s.

It's definitely a new and unique concept-the last six days of a year, between whatever start of winter holiday you observe and the non spiritual start of a new year, who just one year ago was approaching the year that started this current decade, a year that will be forever remembered as the year of Covid-19. Just 21 years ago, it was the start of the interlude towards what would end as the start of not only a new year but a new decade and the once-in- our-lifetimes' start (turn day) of the new century which is the first such century of what's now the 3rd millennium! I love "Interlude" just as I love many HOS shows; thanks for this original program and keep up the great work, spacesters.

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