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15 July 2011


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Amazing songs, I am here at work, listening to VPR radio and dunno how it got there but it is fun listening to this, I have a night shift at a webhosting company and it's pretty relaxing to listen to your amazing music while i work here. Thanks for the efforts, it's really visual.

Gamelan 3 weeks in a row? Really?! It's nice but not that

Ned, you didn't say where you are hearing the show, so it's hard for us to respond to your comment. We've only done one Gamelan show this year, #952.

Sometimes stations miss our feeds and repeat shows they aren't supposed to; other stations that run more than one show a week repeat the previous week's show deliberately. We have no control over any of this.

If you want full control over what shows you hear, that's what our various subscription plans are for;-)

:: SH

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