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21 July 2011


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There will be a BlackBerry version too?

I have had, for sometime now, a lifetime subscription to XM radio, in my truck, as well as online. There are plenty of free (with an ad now and then) music sites to which I have subscribed. Yet I continue to stay (not come back, but stay) with HOS.

The Android App further cemented my commitment. I plug my phone into the AUX input in my truck's audio system, and I have HOS anywhere I drive. Wow!

And, of course, if the program is winding down, I must stay in the truck to hear drSpace with me "Safe Journey."

Thanks so much.

Spacefan Michael

Mario, thanks for asking about a Blackberry app.

We have no plans to develop a native Blackberry app at this time — the demand just hasn't been there and your request is an exception. That could change, but in the meantime we expect to focus on a mobile version of our web site built with HTML5 that would be compatible with the all the major cell phone browsers.

:: SH

Is there a way to search for specific programs on the Iphone app? I love all the programs but depending on my mood or what I'm doing I want to listen to a specific one. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Sorry, there's no way to search in the current version of the app. It was built with a limited set of features so we could get it out it sooner.

The current app only offers the latest show and a our full time channel, plus a selection of free sample content. The next version will offer 7 more full-time channels and access to personal favorites, but the "full" version of our mobile apps is still in the planning stage and we don't expect to release it until early next year. Until then, please use the search feature on our web site to look for programs.

Hi Stephen,

Has the app been pulled from the US App Store? I can't seem to locate it and the links say it's no longer available.

So... out of curiosity... are there any updates on the "next" version mentioned above? I'm psyched for the full version next year, but I'm just curious if there's a timeline for getting a little bit more?

Thanks for asking, Jason. We're about to release a bug fix upgrade to the HOS Android app this weekend (9/24/11). Our programmers are now actively working on the "next" version of the iPhone and Android apps, which will feature 8 continuous streaming channels for mobile subscribers and access to user-created playlists for everyone but our "This Week" subscribers.

These things always take longer than any of us would like, but we're hoping "Version 2" of the mobile apps will be done by early November.
:: SH

Will the updated iPhone app be a universal app (i.e. with native support for the iPad)? If not, when will that be possible? Q1 2012, perhaps? Please? :-)



Per our roadmap for the mobile apps, we won't have full iPad support (and all the features of our web site) until version 3. And yes, we're shooting for early 2012 for that. Of course, version 2 will work on the iPad with less than optimal graphics.
:: SH

Is the Android version compatible with the Kindle Fire? If not, do you plan on releasing a version that will be compatible?


Any updates? I know how things tend to fall behind but is there a chance we'll have a new version for christmas?

The Kindle Fire is so new we've never even seen one, much less checked to see what the compatibility issues are;-) For now I'll just say that if it will run standard Android 2.x apps, it *might* be.
:: SH

Thanks for asking so nicely, Andrew. In fact we're going to soft launch the new version of the web app next week! The main new features will be 8 full time channels instead of just one, and enhancements to the playlist function and the Flash player operation. Version 2 of the iPhone app is under construction and we hope to have it ready before Xmas.
:: SH

Thank you Mr. Hill for creating the HOS show, and all of it's associated products and material. When I was a young boy in the late 70's/early 80's, I was battling some real social and psychological demons due to having Tourette's Syndrome. I remember that the one safe refuge I could count on every Sunday was the hour that HOS was on the radio. I would run to my room, crank up my stereo receiver, turn out all the lights, lay on my bed, and just leave all my stress and frayed nerves behind as the music of John Serrie, Michael Stearns, and Steve Roach flowed around me. It was blissful. I later began composing and playing my own music inspired by what I heard during those shows. It's so nice to see the show still going strong. Thank you. :)

Thank you for sharing your story David!

Have loved the HOS selections for over 20yrs. Having moved from the NE to SE where your bradcast came in latenights over the weekend on a NY station now I must stream it and am so greatful I can choose a time to tune it on free music sunday.

Any more updates regarding an iPad-optimized app? I'd love to see one from your team.

We are beta testing that RIGHT NOW, Jeff. We expect to have an initial release out before Christmas, and an update shortly after. We're calling it version 2.5.

There will also be a substantial upgrade for our very patient Android phone users, and a tablet version for them as well!

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