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23 May 2011


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Is the app available for the iPhone?

Hi Steve and Lauren,

I have already downloaded and installed the app in my Android and i-Touch too - haven't experienced any issues so far.

But I have a questions thou: how can I acess my FAVORITE show list archive, is it possible to do that in mobile devices?


Los Angeles CA

Hi Andre  Thanks for picking up the app. 

Version 1 of our mobile apps do not support favorites yet. 

We're working on version 2, which will support personal playlists and multiple full-time channels. It's easy to make a playlist out of favorites, which will address your issue! 

:: SH

Initially I had a problem when the app was loaded onto my Android Phone (LG Optimus V) that I could not then logon to HOS.com. I even uninstalled the app from my phone - still could not get onto HOS.com. So, I sent an email with this info and VOILA! - The HOS team got me working both on the phone and at HOS.com.

Best 99 cents I ever spent.

Thanks so much

Spacefan Michael

If someone is a current subscriber to the AAA ALL ARCHIVE ACCESS level must they also subscribe to the Android mobile plan to use the Android app?

Don, all our AAA class subscribers have full rights to use all features of our Android and iPhone apps. Just sign in the first time you use the app and everything will work. 
Enjoy! :: SH

Thank you for the clarification, and for the years (or should I say decades) of excellent music and introspection.

A few of our testers told us that it was taking an unusually long time to do the initial installation of the app — up to four and half minutes.

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