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29 April 2011


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Any plans for an iPad version that displays in Landscape mode?

Been using your iPhone version, however, so much more you can do with the app in iPad.

Thanks for asking, Joseph.

We do have a roadmap for development and an iPad version is on it.

We have one intermediate step before that, which is to expand to multiple sub-genre-specific "radio channels" in addition to the existing All Archive Channel.

After that update is released for both iPhone and Android, we will start work on a full-featured version of the service for all the mobile platforms we support. The iPad (and AndroPad) version of this will get the special attention it deserves for the larger screen.

:: SH

HOS guys:

Thanks much for this. I'm consult in the SW development industry and I know the challenges faced by a non-IT organization when needing to distribute your product through such a high-demand medium.

Your dilligence in stretching out to deliver your product in ways your customers love is much appreciated. Especially as I traded in the iPhone for an EVO yesterday :p

I have been using the iPhone app on my iPad but it is very limited. I am using my Droid browser to connect also. I hope the android app will be an improvement

GLENN: The Android app feature set is identical to the iPhone app. As soon as we release it we will start work on our next generation mobile apps, which will be less limited.

They will include multiple "radio channels" separated into our major sub-genres, which will give a lot more choice. We're also aiming to include access to personal favorites and personal playlists in the next-gen app.

:: SH

I've been waiting for this app to subscribe. My Android device is a Dell Streak. Please let me know if you need testing on the Dell Streak. It would be my pleasure to help get this app out the door.

So, are those of us heretical Windows Phone 7 users somewhere on your list for future?

Yes, but probably not with a native app to begin with, Kim.

By the numbers, there are many more BlackBerry users than Windows Phone 7 at the moment, and even with that a company our size simply cannot afford to develop separate apps for every mobile platform out there.

So the solution we're pursuing is a "mobilized" version of our web site, which will work on any mobile platform that supports Flash streams. In fact, if your phone supports Flash, you can (with some difficulty) use our main web site in your mobile browser right now.
:: SH

I keep seeing references to "sub-genre specific radio channels" for future mobile app releases, but is this going to be available to us old-fashioned, unhip folks who are still accessing HoS through a web browser on a PC? I would really love to see this feature, it would be great to just point the dial at "Indian" or "Electronic Space" or whatever and be served a stream automatically versus creating dozens of playlists...

You are definitely paying attention, Chance;-)

The plan is exactly as you would wish: we will introduce the multiple sub-genre channels in the Flash app on the web at the same time we do them in the mobile apps. It's a complicated update and we're already working on it.
:: SH

long time HOS subscriber, just bought a Droid last week, can't wait!

Woohoo! Looking forward to it! I may have jumped the gun by finding it just now & buying it . . . HTC inspire, here. Thanks for your hard work on this; I can only imagine how much goes into it!

No worries, Trixie. We're doing a 'soft' launch because some people have reported it taking up to 5 minutes to do the initial installation of the app. (After that it loads fast and works great.) we'll make a full announcement next week. :: SH

Huzzah! Huzzah! Huzzah!

Well it took me ~2min to DL (but then I'm stuck in the basement of a govt building so I'm lucky to have signal at all).

It took ~15secs to install so looks like the HTC EVO w/ latest OS version may be in the clear.

Can't thank you enough for this.

Also, since I guess I had the "iPhone Plan" before, do I need to make any changes to my subscription?

Again, awesome, thanks!

Wordy: you are good to go with your current access plan. Enjoy the app!

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