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18 March 2011


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I Heard a Great and Different Song at the End of Show # 945 last Night on NPR Radio. It Was a Full Orchestra Sounding + Excellent Coool Music Then some Breif Roll-out Music before Closing Credits...

He Did Say it was Show 945 and It was the Last Full Song. Please tell Me the Name of It - Song and Name of the Artist Please Easier By Cell Phone ###-###-#### Or you can Email this Info 2 [email protected]


Glad you really liked that music. You can always find all the information about all the tracks and artists in our shows on our website, http://www.hos.com.

Once you know the program number or name, you just search for the program, or see it in the list of Recent Shows on the home page. Then click the title of the show for a list of all the tracks and artists in that show, together with a running timeline, showing when in the hour each piece started and stopped.

In this case, the final two piecses of PGM 945 were by BRIAN KEANE & OMAR FARUK TEKBILEK, from their album entitled KELEBEK - THE BUTTERFLY [Soundtrack]. "Yusuf Prays" ran from 49:17 to 54:54, then "Zeynep's Romance" closed out the hour from 54:54 to 58:59.

:: HOS

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