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07 October 2010


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Signed up for a package, bought the app, listening to it and loving it - Thanks! Great UI, very uncluttered and very user-friendly touch interaction. Nicely done!

My compliments! I just paid my $0.99 and am listening to Borderlands right now! Very nicely done. The look is great and it's easy to use. Love the images, sound quality, and rich information it presents.


Thanks for all the hard work and dedication on this project. I've really been enjoying exploring the app!

I'm curious whether your plans and schedule for adding features (as described in one of your earlier posts: additional streaming channels, full archive access, etc.) have changed in light of the delays or other obstacles you experienced?

Thanks again--I'm hooked!

Great work! I've been anticipating this for over a year and I'm so happy it's here!


It's beautiful! The app works great, but the UI is just amazing! It's easily the most beautiful app I've used. Great effort, everyone! Forget the beer, it's time for all of you to open a nice bottle of wine!

OMG!!!! I just bought it!!!!! Thank you!!!!!

WONDERFUL! We can now stream you through our stereo! The app works excellent. Started listening to this weeks program right away.

Thanks for your show and now the app.


Since learning that HOS is no longer offered on Sirius/XM, and after reading Stephen's blog explaining how they ended the show, I have cancelled my intentions of purchasing satellite radio. I will continue to listen to HOS both via public radio and online, and will hope for a Blackberry app soon. Keep up the phenomenal work guys!

It was very easy and works great!!

Good job! Any possibility of a stream that will play on an internet radio like Squeezebox?

Thanks for asking, Curtis. We've been studying the issues involved in getting HoS on "iDevices" like the the Squeezebox, Sonos, Xbox, AppleTV and others. It's definitely on our list, but development resources are very limited in a company our size.

Now that the iPhone app is out, we're concentrating on releasing a version for Android phones. After that, we'll take another look at what we have to do to reach non-cell phone iDevices. I hope you and other Squeezebox users can be patient a little longer...
:: SH


Congratulation..I never try what you did, You are proper to be proud that your app has been accepted and released it to the app store. I am only programmer.

Are you accepting feature/improvement requests? If so, where would you like them?

Windows Mobile Phones have been around longer than Droids or the iphone so where is the app for my windows mobile phone.

FYI you can use Skyfire on a Windows Mobile phone to listen to Hearts of Space. I have been able to use it for a couple of years now.

looking forward to getting the Android app announcement soon!

So when is the Android app due out?

As a long time AAA subscriber, I'd really like to have the full access through the app. Love the app anyway!

I rarely can get a connection to HOS. I can easily not get connectedfor an hour. I am in a city , and signal is good if I finally connect. Sup?

App works and looks great! However, it doesn't respect the Mute switch. A call interrupted my listening to HOS with headphones. I took out the headphones to take the call. When the call was over HOS came back up and continued playing through the iPhone speaker, even though the Mute switch was activated.

Been listening to HOS for quite some time. Enjoyable music for "think time." Bought the iPhone app. No real feedback yet.

About the iPhone app. What in the world is "voiceover on/off" and why or why not would I use it?

When listening to the All Archive Channel and playing programs in succession, some prefer to turn off the announcements for an uninterrupted experience. Your call...
:: SH

I'm glad to see the iPhone app is available, but I'm still waiting for the app for Android, and/or for the Western Digital TV Live media player on my TV.

I'm hoping that the Android shows up before Flash on Android 2.2, as the Flash application on my netbook is a little difficult (all the "stuff down below" when you do a search, for instance, ends up in a really cramped piece of screen.)

Anyhow, keep up the good work - I've been a full archive subscriber for a few years now, and a listener to the program since the beginning - I love to listen to Hearts of Space! :-)

So after reading all the comments, I now understand why no connection on my Droid phone. I've been listening forever via NPR. You're program is nothing short of phenomenonal. Keep doing what you do. The Droid app would make a great Christmas present. I'll keep listening via NPR. Maybe by then I'll have the freaking phone figured out. Cheers from America's heartland - Boomer Sooner.

I signed up for the all access plan and down loaded the ipod / iphone app.. Seems that on my Mac I can browse and play the full archive of programs but on the iphone / ipad I can only choose between the most recent b/cast and an archive program chosen at random (by ?) Why can't i choose which prog I want to listen to ? Seems you can't access through safari on ipad iphone because of Flash Player not available on those devices.

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