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29 September 2010


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Thanks for the update for us non-Facebook and non-Twitter users (all dozen of us?). It's exciting to know that it's so close. Can't wait to use it!

If this were an Android app you wouldn't have this problem..

oh my gosh! I cannot wait for the iphone app! thanks so much!!!

We have started work on an Android app and are looking forward to being on that platform.

The current Android environment is less restrictive for developers, but users will ultimately pay the price with apps that are less reliable or contain objectionable payloads.

Apple's standards more or less guarantee a more consistent "user experience," a tradeoff that most iPhone users find worth the extra time and effort.
:: SH

Wow--that's pretty frustrating! Thanks for all the effort, though. Looking forward to using the app!

SH: True, but since we are talking about *your* app I don't think you would be putting in any objectionable payloads :)

I started my subscription back up..I was waiting until the iphone app was running because I don't listen as much on my desktop as I used to but I missed the music too much :( Hopefully my subscription will include the iphone listening capability whenever it gets approved. thanks for all of your hard work..can't wait to listen on my phone :)

Thanks, Cindy. The app is currently "under review" by Apple and could be approved anytime -- unless there is another hitch. Once approved, the app will go live in the app store immediately. Of course we'll announce it here (and on Facebook and Twitter) as soon as we hear anything.

All Archive Access and Radio Channel subscribers will have full use of all features of the HOS iPhone app; This Week's Show subscribers will have unlimited access to the current program; due to technical limitations "prepaid minutes" plans are not supported in this version of the app. We hope to support this plan in future versions.

I'm a little confused still. I subscribe to the Radio Channel. I just downloaded the app on my iPhone and I can't seem to find where to stream the radio channel so I can listen to it on my iPhone. What can't I figure out here?

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