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22 September 2010


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This is why I joined the top tier plan and started paying each month! I love the program, I love the places you take me, but hearing that the App was just a few more little steps away from being on my phone finally made me jump at the monthly plan! I'm so happy I did and I can't wait for that app!

P.S. I hope you do another Halloween themed show this year!

Great to hear. I have been checking itunes everyday for the past week. Getting closer!

... and maybe at the _next_ Keynote Steve Jobs can do some name dropping like " here, let's do some multitasking ... got my mail up, reading the news paper ... and oh, lets not forget to load Hearts of Space app for this weeks program..."

Hi Andrew. We are indeed collecting material for a Halloween show this year...

I was surprised Monday when Apple AAPL vice president Phil Schiller announced that there were 50,000 applications available on the iPhone App Store.

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