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19 September 2010


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Thanks for letting us know! I actually tried accessing the site on my Android phone about a week ago and had some problems so it may that I need to upgrade the Flash(?) so I'll check that out. I would love to be able to listen on the go. It would be really great if you guys were able to create an app for HOS rather than just a mobile site so that you can run it in the background and whatnot. Like you said, it takes time, and as a big fan of HOS for the last 6 years, I'm sure I'll still be here when something like that comes around. :)

Would definitely love an Android Support. Reinstalling flash on the Nexus One to try out HOS

I got HOS to play on my Droid 2, but accessing the site with my lack of manual dexterity did prove that size matters.

OMG!!!! HOS on a blackberry, my dreams would come true. I use my blackberry as my media device when i travel back and forth to work. Being able to listen to good quality music would make my drive so much better. I have been forced to resort to my blackberry, or cd's now a days, as radio in general has become more advertisement than music.

Thanks so much for considering it!! if you need someone to beta test you know how to find me!!

joei, from NW ohio

dont' have a droid..iphone user...will start my subscription back up as soon as iphone app is avaiable

One voice from the Windows Mobile wilderness here. Poor Leyla has heard my cries for help enough times.

Maybe a mobile site will cure my ills as well. I have tried for a couple of years to run HOS on my Windows Mobile phones to no avail. And, I am not likely to switch OS's. I know. I am a neanderthal, but I love Windows Mobile.

Thanks for all that you guys do!

Any chance you can figure out how to make it work on squeezebox?

Thanks for asking, JR. The Squeezebox is definitely on our list of Devices We Want to Support. It's just a question of development resources and priorities. Now that we've released our iPhone app, developing an Android app is the next priority. We'll get to the Squeezebox and similar devices as soon as we can.
:: SH

You can stream HOS to your Squeezebox using the WaveInput plug-in to distribute the HOS audio from your computer's browser. You get the audio, but not control. Take a look at this link: http://wiki.slimdevices.com/index.php/WaveInput_plugin

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