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10 March 2010


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Thanks for the update and the details. I never realized how different hos is from other streaming stations. Sounds like a challenging project. I can't wait to see how it all works!

Great news to hear you are also planning to support other platforms. Looking forward to the Blackberry version!

I am eagerly awaiting the release. I have both and iPhone (personal) and Blackberry (work).

I just wanted to post a note of encouragement. I will be first in line to support the iPhone release!

Looking forward to this. The iPhone plan sounds like a terrific solution. Thanks.

Now that Adobe are set to release a version of Flash for mobiles does this affect your plans at all?

Will the iPhone app work with the iPod Touch? (It's not always the case that an app made for the iPhone will work with the Touch.)

I use the Touch to connect wirelessly to my home network to listen to Pandora and Public Radio through their respective apps. I would love to add HOS to complete that set.

Hey guys - just wanted to pass on a note of encouragement and thanks. This will be well worth it. Now we've got an iPad to work with too. Hope that doesn't complicate things too much, but could be wicked cool as it evolves.

Again, thanks much and look forward to hearing you on my iPhone/iPad. If you need any help testing or troubleshooting, don't hesitate to ask. Peace!

What's the latest on the iPad / iPhone App?

Keen to try it now we can buy the iPad here in the UK!

Be thinking Android, as well as i-phone. Thank you.

Thanks, Peter. We are thinking about Android, and all the other mobile platforms we will ultimately be obliged to support, as well as home digital media receivers like Sonos, Roku SoundBridge, PS3, PlayStation etc.

Once the iPhone app is done, it should be a relatively simple task to rebuild it for Android OS. But we are also looking at creating a mobile version of our web site that would work in the built-in browser on all the major smart phones, instead of more apps.

Which approach proves to be practical remains to be seen, but it will be a major focus for us later this year.

:: SH

Well, here it is October and .... the app was submitted to Apple in March? I guess we won't be seeing it anytime soon, then.

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