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17 March 2010


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I've got to say, as a software tester and test manager of 20 years' standing, this was the most lucid explanation of a service fault I've ever seen. Many thanks!

Thank you for taking the time to 'splain this to us.

I must tell you I was not worried when I saw your message on the page. I knew then, as I know now, that you were working on the problem, and that the problem would be solved.

While many of your team was frustrated, confused, irritated and befuddled by your situation, I was sending good vibes your way. Hope some of them reached some of you.

Continued Safe Journeys, and Peace.

love you guys here in Milwaukee...Slainte! BUT no log in function today AT ALL!

To Stephen:
Thank you for explaination and taking the time to explain it.
It is truly refreshing to have that much transparency.
Thanks all for sucessuful Bug Hunt

Reply to Chrisanne: All's well here with SIGN IN and everything else. LEAVE HOS.com and empty your browser cache and delete cookies, and all will be well. Please contact [email protected] for personal assistance. I think I found your account and sent you instructions.

I've been a big fan of the Hearts of Space series from quite a ways back, and as I've become more and more familiar with the website and the online services you now offer, my appreciation has only grown. This incident is a case in point. Thanks for keeping your listeners informed. Since you took the trouble of actually detailing the whole incident in the blog, I took the trouble of reading it. Keep up the great work! We understand that stuff happens sometimes ...

How can we be upset? We're HOS fans, the most relaxed and well adjusted people on Earth.

No worries and I enjoyed the program once it got through inner space to my mind space.

John Paul

Stephen & Crew:
Thank you for the explanation. No need for transparency, you do more than enough to earn a glitch 'er two. Sorry I did not experience it first hand since I am a bit of a slacker listener, dropping in when I need my HOS fix. BTW, I am just geeky enough to love the story. Weird, I know, but Hey, you've got all kinds of listeners. Sorry.

BTW, anybody ever notice that Stephen sounds like my 50's fav, Rod Serling? No? Well, it's just me.
Till the next time,

It was my fault. For the first time since subscribing nearly a year ago, I didn't tune into the Sunday show. My personal activity level exceeded my available time. Had I connected, it would have worked. My humble apology.

Okay, now for the seriousness. Thank you Stephen and Crew. As Chris Hansen said, it was lucid, and all of us appreciate that. Funny thing is I see things like this often. The company for whom I work has two main sites, and runs proxy servers at each site. While not the same as having two separate DNS suites, there are times when one facility's proxy is down and the other simply screams. When that happens, I switch to the other, which is hundreds of miles away and I'm again on my virtual way.

Thank you very much for making the weekly show available for the week. I needed it, and I'm sure others did too.

Best regards,


Thank you for the explanation!! I love reading why and you explain it so well!! One of the best shows on, IMHO.

It continues to amaze me, no matter how great the desire to be otherwise, we are inter-dependent not independent! Be it on people directly, or people through other sysytems!! This case is just one more example of our need for each other and things we don't even know!!

Kudos to your team, your commitment, and your fans!

You da man.
Get this:

  • for more years than any of us (especially himself) wants to count -- at the forefront of space music and all that entails by way of people and music, corporate and legal and lord knows what else;

  • a voice to command the stars (when, if they listen);

  • an attitude with a twist, a pause on the article, just self-aware enough to skip around parody;

  • a decades-long commitment to things that keep us saner.

All this, plus geek understanding of reverse DNS lookup, and ability to describe it clearly for non-geeks.
Bet he rides a a bicycle, too.
Thank you, SH.

Last Sunday was very quite around this place while I packed for a week long trip. I got back in town Thursday and was quite happy to have my beloved HOS back on line.

Thank you taking the to time explain the intricasies of internet streaming.


Hey being in the IT field i know things like this happen from time to time, but it was very good of you to take the time to let all your fans know what caused the issue. Sounds like you have a great tech team there.

What a remarkable explanation. I think I almost understood all of it. No worries though - I knew you would be back as soon as possible, and I played CD's of music I have found through your program. I love HOS and have for many years. This may be posted somewhere and I just haven't seen it, but who does the beautiful banner graphics every week? They always fit the program so well.
Live long and prosper, space guys and gals.

A very compelling and concise explanation of/for an event over which you had little or no control. The 'geeks' among us appreciate it!
Thank you.


Hello Stephen and all you guys at HOS,

Thanks for the long detailed explanation of all of your problems last Sunday! And for the hard work your techs had to do on their free day!
We live in The Netherlands now, 9 hours ahead in time, and noticed
the slow buffering of your site, but after a couple of tries we got
the show our time at 2 in the afternoon. Thank you again!!
Best regards,
Jennifer Hopkins

I tuned in to your beautiful Celtic-themed show, The Turning Tide," at about 8:30 a.m. Pacific time -- with my clocks turned ahead-- and I was able to listen to the entire show perfectly. So the glitch in Chicago must have happened after 10:30 CDT. For those who did not have the opportunity to listen to it, please run this show again sometime.

Isn't it amazing that we can send signals from Texas to Chicago to Los Angeles to Virginia, all in splits of a second?! And that we can enjoy space music every Sunday (mostly)?! I appreciate reminders from the universe not to take things for granted. :) The incredible team of producers for HOS did a remarkable job; thank you one and all!

Gigi in Springfield, Oregon

cannot get on to play my free sunday #905. Have been trying since 10:00pm PST.

All's well on this end, Kat, or you would have seen a notice on the site. It's best to write to [email protected] for personal assistance--fastest way to get answers next to looking in our Help! section (link next to SIGN IN). The info you need is there: empty cache, delete cookies, refresh our site. Click-by-click instructions if you need 'em.

Graham: we're watching you;-)

Jonathan: couldn't agree more strongly with your comment. It's true of people, and it's true in the natural world.

Others: thank you for the understanding and spacious comments!

:: SH

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