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24 November 2009


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I hope they are doing a better job on sizing HOS hats than they did for Mozilla on Firefox and SeaMonkey hats.

Their "adjustable" FF hat is small-medium, and so mine sits on a shelf. Their SeaMonkey hat is one of those webby trucker hats and is just plain imo ugly.

I suppose that these were Mozilla choices; but still, the products just do not cut it.


We have one sample of the black cap, which is definitely_not_trucker style. My hat size is 7 1/4 (large) and there is at least an additional 1.5 inches of adjustment room on these caps. You'd have to have a head the size of a volleyball for it not to fit;-)

:: SH

Just received the short-sleeve black t-shirt, and the words 'slow music for fast times' is almost illegible.

Disappointing....really cool logo, but an overall sloppy transfer job.

What are the colors available for the tshirts besides white and black background?

Thanks for asking , Dan.

That's all we have available at the moment because those were the only colors that looked good with the artwork. As soon as we finish our iPhone app, we'll put some energy into these products and create more choices.

:: SH

I like your collection actually but it would have given a better start if there was a option of customization to colors only.

Will you be selling Ambicon t-shirts here?

Chris, we will be selling AMBIcon T-shirts, but not at Cafe Press. We did them with a local vendor and we're looking for a place to do the order fulfillment now. Thanks :: SH

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