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14 October 2009


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GREAT! I just quit the browser, started it again, and I'm automatically signed in again.

HoS is an indispensible treasure.

Thanks very much. The website has gone from great to simply amazing over the past year. On the subject of 'simply amazing', I haven't heard much about the iPhone app which was to release this fall. Is that still in the works, please?

What a useful feature! Being a daily(and sometimes multi-daily) listener, I really appreciate this new automatic sign-in, and especially the option to stay signed-in between sessions. Thanks!! As an earlier post put it so aptly, HoS is "an indispensable treasure".

Neat! Thanks!!!

Process seems to have been streamlined to an appreciable degree. Thanks.

Wonderful! All good things in due time.

to Tom Cummings: iPhone app is being programmed right now. Programming should take 35-40 days. Then the real waiting starts: Apple has to review, approve, and install it in the App Store. Unfortunately, it's impossible to know how long that will take. We are dancing as fast as we can, though!

Where there is a will there is a way...to make something better and you have again succeeded. Bravo!!

I tried it, it worked very well.


Works for me, too. And, yes it was very annoying to have to sign in each time. Thank You, HOS.

Your Very Loyal Fan from Chicago,


Fabulous!!! Being a nightly user, it is GREAT to be able to come to the website and not have to sign in each time!! Thanks for your thoughtful considerations to the daily users!!! Can't say how impressed I am with how the site just keeps getting better!!!
Thanks again :)


Any plans for a BlackBerry(r) app?

Thanks Stephen!! I agree with previous comments that the HOS evolution over the past year has been good to great to fantastic! We listeners are very grateful--we understand this has not been an easy transition. But your dedication to the listener, first and foremost, is exemplary...which is why I''m an HOS-lifer....

I love it. Cheers to HOS for making it easy to listen and for the wonderful music.

Brilliant! Thank you! Getting rid of the sign-in window was a huge improvement. In fact, I noticed that change before I saw the announcement beneath this week's art work. Not having to sign back in again? Priceless!

I know how much trouble making these changes can be. Thanks so much for the great effort! I, for one, really appreciate the new feature.

can't get to it, it's hidden at the top... please fix for me... I'm on Mozilla...

somehow I got to it, so I'll just stay logged in as long as possible!!!

Thank you for simplifying the sign in! I usually have to sign in twice a day but now I have more time for lying about on the floor and drifing away with HOS.

Liked the auto sign-in feature. Rather than try to find a station with HOS, I finally signed up for a subscription - and got a separate broadband account to handle it since HOS has become my "home station". Look forward to HOS at end of the work day!

A very loyal fan in Washington DC.

Works great! Now, what about an iPhone app?

Much much easier and faster.Thanx HOS esp Steve and the rest of company that make this treasure possible. I have listened since inception and now have an access pack and cannot live without it! Peace-Hope and inspiration to all who dare!

once these tired old eyes adjusted, i figured it out. change is not is not anticipated when listening to timeless music.

I love this music. Genius at finding it and putting it together. Will I ever be able to down load this music on my ipod?

hello can not get in
you have no option for forgotten password


This is great, thanks for the continually making HOS.com a better and more user friendly website!

Karl K: we have a fix coming for the "forgot password" problem on Monday. Apologies for the inconvenience. We've "reset" yours manually and emailed you.

Joseph G: We are actively working on an iPhone app for HOS and (pending Apple approval) will release it later this year. Watch our blog for progress reports!

Seems like we really scratched a common itch by making the sign in easier! Thanks to all for your enthusiasm and positive comments.

Like any web developer who 'gets it' these days, we are commited to continuous improvement of the site, and access on as many mobile devices as we can possibly support.

:: SH

What a great enhancement. RoboForm (password manager) easily works with the new functionality. Now, I'm one click away from peace.

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