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23 September 2009


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Yes, a lot more like this! Fascinating!

It sounds like alot to produce a one hour show but there is nothing else like HOS I've found in all these years. That one hour is enough to insulate and reset circuit breakers that have popped over the last week. And of course we still look forward to the safe journey Space Fans farewell.
Take care

Still a Space Fan

Hey Stephen-

Your reference to PGM 536, now having discovered it, I never tire of it. The same is true of PGM 15, "Cello Deeps", especially for the Bruch during the Jewish high holidays (there is something magical in the pairing of the Faure and the Bruch and in that order), Also PGM 72, "A Journey Home", and PGM 73, "Melting Into Spring", a great journey of the mind for those of us "back East".


Hearts of Space is undoubtedly, hands down the best thing on radio. Stephen Hill and his staff are brilliant in their programming. I used to be able to record the program on my old cassette recorder and listen to it over and over in my car. Alas, the cassette deck not only died, but cars are no longer manufactured with tape decks. Haven't figured out yet how to record the program onto a CD for enjoyment in my car.

Keep up the good work guys. When I die, I am going to have one of those tombstones that plays music. What will be playing you might ask? Hearts of Space of course!

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