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19 September 2009


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Joseph,Stephen and staff,
Ever since receiving the email with the wonderful video this am,I've eagerly awaited
when I would have a few moments to chill and enjoy.
For some reason the video will not play un-interrupted.
I even allowed the buffer to get over 2 minutes ahead and still the audio starts and stops,starts and stops.
I checked my download speed from my provider and it is 101 megabytes per second.
Any ideas as to what may be the problem?
Jim Barnes
P.S. What is the name of the song?

Jim, the name of the song is "Please Don't Go" by the group BARCELONA, from the album "Absolutes."

Your connection speed is more than fast enough to play this video uninterrupted -- something else is bogging down your computer. Please reboot, load only your browser, and try again.

:: SH

I cleaned all my files,cache,rebooted,loaded only the browser and nothing changed.
Any other suggestions?

Jim, please call us on Monday and we'll try to figure out what your problem is. If you can play any video on YouTube, our embedded version should work.

Try this direct link on the YouTube site:


If that doesn't work, you'll need to work on your setup so you can play Flash video.

:: SH

The direct link worked perfectly,yet the embedded version performed the same.
Thank you for your help.
Also I went directly to you tube and the audio was intermittent and the fish were not moving.
Guess I will call my guru tomorrow.

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