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15 February 2009


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The new site is just fabulous. To be able to see what I have listened to and when, to see what is playing at the moment, the graphics, all of it, just exceptional in design and execution.

And, the new Flash player has a much brighter sound when compared to the WMP player using the computer at home and at work.

Kudos kudos kudos.


Have been out of town and went to fire up HOS this evening while I checked the mail, started laundry and fixed dinner... boom!.. New Look!

Being of the mindset "if it isn't broke, why fix it...", I must say that in this case, it was not so much a fix... but a great "improvement". The quality of the new site using FLASH is, in a word, awesome! I'm cancelling my quarterly subscription... and signing up for the yearly plan!


This is just wonderful. Once Apple gets it together with Adobe to provide a Flash Player for my iPod Touch, I will be in heaven. Thank you guys for all you do!

Making the transition from WMA to Flash was not without it's moments.By all indications my account had been purloined. However repairing permissions and clearing the cashe files seems to have resolved my issues.

Any chance for a Hearts of Space iPhone application, a la Pandora?

Best feature of the new site is the option to remove the boring monotone play list voice over.

We can now enjoy the music even more !

i just wanted to post a thank you to Dr.Space. You are doing an amazing job with your hosting. I love these sounds.

Hi Stephen

This more of a question, and I'm sure it has been raised, but I was wondering if any thought or if there are any plans to develop a Hearts of Space application for the iPhone? I listen to HoS often, but on my iphone I listen to an AOL Ambient radio station. I much rather listen to HoS. You can post an answer on the HoS Facebook site if you like . . . or to my email address.


Thanks for asking, Howard. Many of our users have suggested this, and we have begun working on the project with a developer/HOS fan.

There are still some open questions about technical limitations of the iPhone platform (it does not support Flash audio) and it will probably take several months to work them out.

The thought is to keep it simple and begin by offering one or more versions of the Radio Channel. If you have any other suggestions, please don't hesitate to send them to us at [email protected].

:: SH

Please come out with an Iphone app!!!!!!!!! I'm dying!!!!!!!

We're working on it, Rusty!

This week we signed the contract with the developer. The project will be active in the next few weeks. I can't give you a completion date yet, but we'll be blogging about the progress as we go. I just got an iPhone myself, and I can't wait either...

:: SH

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