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I've been checking my App Store updates page frequently, anticipating the Version 2 iPhone app update; so I was elated to see it pop up there tonight! I'm loving it already, with my playlists now available, and the variety of channels is great, too. This will probably be one of my most-used apps now! Thank you so much -- well worth the wait.

The Hearts of Space Android app opens up the sonic treasures of Hearts of Space online wherever you have mobile Internet service.This Service is excellent but the app remains sorely lacking.

Webdev: We are aware of the shortcomings of the Android app and apologize for them. We have prioritized fixing the most annoying bugs now and doing a complete rewrite and upgrade as soon as possible this year.

If you have an Android device that runs Flash, we recommend you use our web application at in your browser. :: SH

Thanks for getting this app on the Amazon store - I've got a Kindle Fire HD, and getting Google store apps is a real pain!

The website on Dolphin is not nearly as nice as the app. The streams seem to get interrupted after a while...

I'm looking forward to getting access to the full 8 radio channels. Do you have an ETA for the app update you can share with us?


The app seems a bit flaky to me , I can only play the current week show. Would also love the ability to "store for later", as I have a very low 500MB monthly plan, and being able to line them up to play later over my wifi connection would be great.

It looks like it's been two years since you released the Android app.

I'd really love to be able to choose from the eight channels using the app - I shut off the voice over so it can waft me off to sleep ( No offense to you Stephen ).

I guess if the Android app development isn't going to get delivered anytime soon, maybe you could add the option to turn the voice overs on and off to the web site?

It looks like you've had your hands full. Ain't success great?

Keep on truckin'!

Flash is no longer officially supported on Android per Adobe. Adobe has ceased all official support and development for Flash Player for Android. Many phone manufacturers and carriers are actively disallowing devices to install Flash Player without advanced installation by sideloading outside the Play store. Even with Flash Player installed, many devices won't recognize it as a plugin. Most Android users no longer have the option of using HOS on their phones outside of the app.

I understand that iPhone development takes precedent due to it's popularity and larger number of issues, but don't forget about us Android users out here. You guys used to keep me calm in traffic. Since I upgraded my Android phone, I no longer am able to listen to you as the Samsung Galaxy S4 does not natively support Flash Player without laggy third party browsers.

Plus, everyone says HTML5 is the rave apparently you should have already upgraded to it since it's so easy to overhaul an entire website! :-P

James, thanks for weighing in on this issue. We are working on both short and long term fixes for the problem of full functionality in our mobile apps.

[1] The easiest solution for Android users is one you mentioned: install a "laggy" 3rd party browser that does support Flash ;-) and you have access to all the rights and features of your subscription via our existing web site. We've tested the PUFFIN browser (v.3.2.2 was released yesterday) and it works fine as long as you don't insist on a fully 'mobilized' site design and nanosecond response time. Once you get a program or playlist running, you don't have deal with the performance issues for at least an hour and as long as 12 hours. That's seems reasonable for a short term solution.

[2] Also short term, our mobile developer is almost finished with two new versions of the HOS mobile app -- one for iPhone/iPad and another for Android phones/tablets. These will have "feature parity" -- so Android users will be able to do everything (and more, we've added a few new features) that iOS users can do now. These apps are going into beta testing soon and should be available as free updates in November.

[3] Longer term, we have done a design mockup of the next version of our mobile app that will have_all_the features and content of our existing Flash web application, including access to all programs, playlist and favorites creation, full account management, etc.

With this version, you will not need to create playlists on your desktop in order to use them on your mobile. We will start work on this as soon as the interim version of the mobile apps is published, debugged and solid. We don't have delivery estimate for this version yet, but will announce it as soon as we do.

Also long term, we are ready to take on a full rebuild of our existing web site as soon as the projects above are released or underway. Whether it will use HTML 5 for media delivery is an open question, but we will certainly consider it.

Thanks :: Stephen Hill

Funny you should mention that. I did find Puffin and it worked! Also, the Beta version of Firefox for Android allows you to use Flash Player as well. Final/Stable release versions of Firefox for Android do not. Chrome for Android cannot support Flash Player by design. Samsung stock browsers, at least is the case for my Sprint Samsung Galaxy S4, are Chrome-based, so they will not support Flash natively.

I'd be open to helping test any programs/apps if needed.

Needed improvement now amazing the developers fixed everything.

Any news on the 'feature parity' apps mentioned this time last year?

Updated version of IOS app was released this week. Our developer is now working on the identical Android update. We've already started the spec for the next generation full featured apps, will move into active development next month.

It's happening, just never as fast as we'd like!

:: SH


I'd like an update on the status of your efforts to develop a full-featured iPhone app, which would include being able to create playlists on the phone, rather than only through a desktop, and thereby removing the limitation imposed by Flash not working on iPhones (and apparently Flash is no longer supported on Android phones as well). I'm asking for an update because HOS blogs going back more than two years ago have talked about making your mobile apps fully featured. A blog from Sept 16, 2013, stated HOS had already done "a design mockup" of a mobile app that would contain all the features of your Flash-based website. That was 1 1/2 years ago! As I reconsider whether or not to continue subscribing to the "Full Service" every month for features I can't access on my phone, I would appreciate an update on when a truly full-featured (iPhone) mobile app will be available. Thanks!

Thanks for getting this app on the Amazon store - I've got a Kindle Fire HD, and getting Google store apps is a real pain!

My iPhone is running iOS 10 and it tells me that the HOS app needs to be updated. Are there any plans for an update?

Thanks for asking, Dave. The notice you are seeing is not really important – just a way of Apple bugging developers to update their apps to 64-bit code. Meanwhile, 32-bit versions continue to work just fine.

That said, we are indeed working on a complete redesign and rebuild of both our web site and our mobile apps. It's a huge project for us and as these things seem to go, is taking much longer than originally planned. for that reason, I hesitate to announce the release date, but it will be as early as possible in 2017!

:: SH

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