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15 February 2017


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Thank you for this very informative review of the changes you are making in the HOS.com website. I am one of your subscribers to the full service, and I stream the music to my Windows 10 iOS on my PC. I also spend time daily on your website "shopping" for HOS programs to listen to that I haven't heard (many of them). I'm not a programmer, but I'm pretty "computer savvy", so I'm happy you are upgrading HOS.com. I don't use iTunes (not an Apple user). Looking forward to the new and wonderful changes in my favorite music website (and the only one I am willing to pay for to enjoy the music).

Congrats on the ever-beautiful programming at HOS. Any idea when we could expect the Version 4 release? (Out of curiosity)

Carl Kruse

Thanks for asking, Carl. If everything goes according to schedule, we will be doing beta-testing over the summer. Depending on what comes out of that, we expect to release Version 4 in fall 2017.
:: SH

Such great news! Looking forward to the update.

Congratulations - that is a huge ton of work and I am so glad the phase-out of flash (and constant updates for new OS) hasn't taken the wind out of the sails and you're able to keep it up for us. I don't know how much your audience knows what huge challenges and undertakings these things are, but I would be so lost without HOS. I love knowing you are here.

Thanks, Trixie. The project is on schedule and we are really looking forward to rolling it out when it's done!

I've been trying for a week to hear you, but nothing happens after the home page. I see here that you are undergoing exciting changes. Are we able to play old programs now? Please let me know when things are up and running - I can't live for long without you!

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