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31 January 2014


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Many of the musicians on this show have been ones I have been following for over 25 years. Somewhere in High School, I got introduced to Tangerine Dream and Kitaro and then I heard HOS on my local public radio station WKAR-FM out of East Lansing, MI. Eno and Fripp became icing on a cake for me as I ventured into other musicians in this genre of music that has allowed me to relax, find a quiet moment to think, write, read, lesson plan etc. I have been wondering if there is a book out there that you would recommend to learn the history and philosophy of "Space Music."

I have also wondered if you follow the electronic music scene that comes out of Detroit and what your thoughts were in that regard if you do? Peace-

Lothar, the best overall book on the genre is Mark Prendergast's The Ambient Century. You can order it through Amazon.

Re your second question, aside from knowing something about the history of Techno, we haven't found much Detroit electronica that is appropriate for our slow, quiet, contemplative music format. If you know about something, please email us the artist name and a link, and we will follow it up.
:: SH

While listening to Brian Eno I was reminded that he had collaborated with 90's UK dream pop band Slowdive on a couple of their tracks back in the day. Was curious if any of Slowdive's more-ambient/experimental third album 'Pygmalion' ever found its way into a HoS program. (Incidentally, Slowdive just announced they are reforming. :) )

Thanks for the tip, Micah. We've never programmed Slowdive, but will happily follow this up. :: SH

Thanks! Yeah, there are a couple of gentler instrumental tracks from their earlier EPs and albums ('Golden Hair' from Holding Our Breath; 'Erik's Song' from Just For a Day); but most of their early 'shoegazing' work would obviously not fit with HoS's ambience.

That third album, Pygmalion, might be a different story, though. I understand there's also a two-disc version of it with more ambient demos on the 2nd disc, released in 2010.

Interesting side note...the reunited band just today posted a mix of some of their favorite tracks from various genres that they felt had compatible vibe -- was intrigued that they included David Darling's 'No Place Nowhere' at about the 54:00 mark. ( http://www.dazeddigital.com/music/article/19009/1/slowdives-slowdaze )

Just a quick follow-up note. Saw Slowdive live in Portland, on their N. American tour this month, which was amazing -- enjoyed that they opened with Brian Eno's 'Deep Blue Day' ambient track; but I also became aware that their drummer, Simon Scott, is a solo ambient musician in his own right. Enjoyed his Below Sea Level album, for example, where he did field recordings outdoors in an English wetland area and mixed in his own musical/sonic touches. Just fyi...


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