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14 October 2009


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very cool. thanks for the effort, still my number one pick for the best music

Dear HOS'ers:
{a} $12.00 a month for hours & hours of cool.
{b} A friend o'mine just back from Manhattan: One (1) pack of cigarettes = $12.00.
{c} Take your pick, Space Fans...

Delightful. Your site has surpassed the definition of "user friendly" and is now my new best friend.

Thanks - made my life a little less complex which is good...

Love the new sign in process. Well done!

Your new sign-in procedure is a long time a
coming but come it did. I commend you and
your HoS colleagues as well as all those
listeners who suggested it. Thanks so much!
Now if I could only solve my occasional
buffering problem I would be a happy Space
person. You see I'm restricted by dial-up.
Hopefully,that will be corrected soon.
Virginia USA

works great, thanx been waiting for this 1.
from your loyay listner on da big island.

Superb idea. Life is complex enough without the added complexity of constantly having to sign-in to websites. This update is most appreciated. Thanks!

And, as wonderfully mesmerizing as it is, the ability to listen to the programs without Mr. Hill's voice is also an excellent feature.

It has been since 1999 since I last heard Hearts of Space music and I missed it terribly. I now thankfully can sign in and listen to Sunday's broadcast. Thank you Stephin Hill.

I am going to post a link to your site on my Facebook, Wordpress, and Myspace sites. Thanks for helping us all calm our senses and connect with the gift of Hearts of Space. Mary Ellen

I don't have a "sign in" button. When I first come to the site, my upper right says "sign out".

Which would be fine if I really were signed in, but I can only play the 30-second sample, so I am not signed in.

Locked out, Chuck


This is a result of a 'sticky' browser cache containing some outdated information from before the change.

To fix, just close the window or tab containing HOS.com, then empty your browser cache and delete cookies from HOS.com. (Instructions are in our HELP section if you need them, or write to help@hos.com. Then open a new browser window or tab, return to HOS.com, and all will be well.

Thanks :: SH

big thumbs up on this. for me it makes it easy to just focus on the music. works fine on ubuntu.

Thanks for your help. My temporary problem with signing in is solved.

In fact, your "help" options enlightenend me about cleaning up my cache and cookies, and that has brought my sluggish computer back to life.

Thanks for that too. Chuck Post

I'm a long time subscriber and huge fan of your program, but I have to tell you, the auto sign in does not work for me any longer.
Ever since you changed the way we are to sign in, I have to log on each and every time. Not only that, but whatever selection I choose to listen to, is metered out to me in 30 second samples. I have to go back and forth a couple of times between different programs to finally get the one I want to listen to to play the full version.

I use the newest Firefox for a browser, but I don't have to. Please let me know how I can fix this.

Many thanks for being there, regardless of the glitch!


Response to Thomas Taber: Sorry for this inconvenience. It's covered in our HELP section ("Why do I get 30 second samples if I'm subscribed?"), and in the sections for Troubleshooting in each browser we support.

We help folks resolve these types of issues asap if you write to help@hos.com. Then we can check your account rights, make sure all's well there, and give you a response tailored to your situation.

Generally speaking, and specific to this: the best First Aid for glitches like this on our service is always to empty browser cache and delete our cookies, while you do not have our site open in a window or tab. I've sent you specific instructions by email, Thomas.

The reason for this is also explained the FAQs in the Help! section.

Anyone having any difficulties with the new Sign In, please write to help@hos.com and we'll help you resolve the issue asap.

Leyla Hill, help@hos.com

wow. just wow.
one of the few places (read: groups, people) in the world that continues to raise its own bar.

Thank you. This is a great new feature. Thanks.

It does not seem to work with the new Windows 7.

Reply to Sydney S.
Look for a personal email from me. We'll help you off-Blog with this and post results when we've resolved your issue. No reason it shouldn't work on Window 7...

Re Sydney S. and for anyone considering Windows 7 64-bit: This is a very complicated compatibility problem that only affects a very small number of early adopters attempting to run 64 bit versions of Windows 7 before Adobe releases a 64 bit version of the Flash player.

I've been an avid listener since 1984, and a subscriber since HOS started streaming. The new website, player and now automatic sign in are terrific. It just keeps getting better. THANKS HOS!

Thanks. I never requested this feature, but it was always clearly the single most desirable change. Much nicer now. :)

A pretty neat feature!!! Thank you!!!!!!

Mine isn't working. It hasn't for weeks and I am a full subscriber. I wish someone would get in touch with me about this.
John Summers
Jacksonville, Fl

Just wanted to add my 2 cents worth...I love the new entry system (me being lazy and all!)...Still cranking out the good music!!!
BTW, where can I find a recently played archive (like RECENT programs), if I did not save to FAVORITES?

Jim, your best bet to find a recently played show if it is more than 10 weeks old is to click on the latest year (in this case 2009, since we're only two weeks into 2010) in either the main program navigation screen (click the word PROGRAMS in the main menu bar) or in the "YEAR" screen (click the "Year" link in the submenu that appears when your cursor is over the word "Programs." This will show you a list of all the new shows in 2009.

Thanks :: SH

This is a good idea yahoo guys but am really concerned coz someone can easily hack in my account coz wen i enter my ID,the password automatically comes.its not safe at all coz this computer,everyone uses it at work.i hav no privacy coz someone can just type in my ID en the password comes in automatically en they read thru my private info.Pliz help coz i dont want an automatic sign in coz it just doesnt work for me.pliz help guys.Am waiting.Thanx

First, we are not autofilling in your password, your browser is doing this. You should go into your browser settings and either turn off autofill of passwords all together -- or specify which sites should be exempt from this. If you need help doing this, tell me which browser, and version, you use, and I'll tell you how to set it so your HOS password won't fill in automatically.

Second, you can turn off our auto sign in by clicking SIGN OUT when you're done listening at HOS.com. When you return, you'll have to sign in manually. If autofill is disabled in your browser -- problem is solved.

We very carefully constructed it this way to maintain security where necessary (use SIGN OUT), and ease up on it when your computer is private (to engage auto sign in, close HOS.com but don't SIGN OUT).

Read more about using or not using auto sign in the Help! section at HOS.com -- link next to SIGN IN/OUT. I'm happy to help anyone with personal account or set up questions about this.

i don't want auto sign in, every time i want to put my ID AND password manually. so how i will come out from this problem.

I have the same problem as Leyla Hill. I do not want auto sign in. How do I reverse this?

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